Connie Hawkins' 68/69 Minnesota Pipers warm up. Hawkins, a 6'8'' forward from Iowa, never played a college game due to being wrongly implicated in the Jack Molinas college basketball point shaving scandal in the early 60s. Hawkins previously played for the Globetrotters and Pittsburgh of the ABL as well as the ABA (Pittsburgh and Minnesota) where he probably played his best basketball. Hawkins sued to get into the NBA and played for the Suns in 69/70. Hawkins played in 1 ABA and 4 NBA all-star games, is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, and is 1 of the top 30 ABA players of all time. The back of this warm up is a treasure; it signifies his place as the ABA's MVP in leading his Pittsburgh team to the ABA championship in the the league's first year (67/68). Minnesota had ABA franchises in 67/68 and 68/69.